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            Animal net is high quality HDPE nets that provide optimum performance for protecting crops against pest and natural damage. By using Anti-Insect Netting, growers can apply an environmentally friendly approach to protect crop while reducing significantly the use of pesticides on products, thus benefit consumer health and natural environment.


Material: 98% HDPE Plastic with UV protection rate: 2%

Wire diameter: 0.18~0.3mm 

Denier: 260~3800DA

Mesh size: 15*15mm or 15*20mm

Weight: 50~80g/m2

Width: 1~2m

Length: 50~200m

Color: Green

Rope: 3 ropes (Top-middle-end of net)


- Lightweight, durable & UV stabilized

- Custom mesh sizes & dimension

- Anti – corrosion & anti – fouling

- No thermal effect

- Tear resistant for optimum protection

- Flexible in harsh weather

- Non-toxic, environmentally friendly

- Economical & cost-saving

- Easy setup, economical & labor-saving



Insect control, adjust temperature, soil temperature and humidity, shade strong light.