Olive Net

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Material: 100% high density polyethylene.

Yarn diameter: 0.18 ~ 0.3 mm.

Denier: 260 ~ 380 DA

Mesh size: 2 mm – 4 mm.

Wind Reduction: 35%, shade rate 45% - 50gsm

Weight: 33-80gsm, Special spec can be customized.

Length: 50 m – 200 m. customized as customer's requirement.

Width: 2 m – 6.5 m, customized as customer's requirement.

Color: Customized as customer's requirement.


What is the olive net? 

The olive net is also called olive harvest net or oliver catching net. Olive net is made of light weight flexible and durable material UV stabilized polyethylene monofilament. The nets available have various kinds of meshes in order to optimize the different harvesting methods of olives and fruits. Every net is suitable for a different application such as natural falling harvesting, hand harvesting or mechanized harvesting. Olive harvest netting is widely used in olive oil-rich Mediterranean neighboring countries.

Olive Net - HDPE Knitted Olive Harvest Netting

Olive nets are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament yarn, meeting international specifications, stabilized against solar ultraviolet radiation. Above all olive net are suitable for food and olives due to non-toxic materials.All olive harvesting nets are manufactured under strict specifications in accordance with ISO standards which guarantee excellent construction and weaving quality.

Our Agriculture Olive Nets are made of light weight, durable and stable materials with UV stabilized polyethylene filament,they can be power sprayed off and is unaffected by sunburn, wet condition, which can service more than 3-7 years under normal weather condition and use.

While harvest time coming, rich fruits are full of trees, just lay the Olive net on the ground, and protect fruits indirect contacting with the soil. It’s do actually provide precious help for preserving a very low rate of acidity at the total advantage of final product.