PPPE JUMBO BAG (Type B): 90*90*120cm (PIPE)

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Mesh color White
Loop around the top

Mono belt


2 HDPE mesh sides, 2 PP fabric sides

Loop option Cross corner loops (4 straps)
Top option Filling skirt
Bottom option Spout
Pipe option Pipe
Loading weight 300-1300 Kg
Jumbo weight 1.8 ~ 3 Kg

Type A is a jumbo bag with body belt 

Type B is a jumbo bag without body belt

 Link video: https://youtu.be/uyexfQ7hNOI


Certificate : ISO9001:2015                                   Material : 100% plastic PPPE, mesh net, mono belt,(plastic pipe).

Safe fator :5:1                                                

Application :Wood, potatoes, carrots, onions



-Most jumbo bags are designed with 2 or 4 lifting straps with a loop of 25cm - 30cm, which helps to transport bags by forklift quickly and safely.

-Bags are used to preserve easily metamorphosed agricultural products such as peanuts, onions, potatoes, squash, etc.

-Bags are used to drain water for seaweed, seafood, cabbage

-Plastic pipes help to fix the bag when harvesting outside, it will not fall, can stand on its own. (saving a lot of labor cost effectively)

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